Bounding Through Copenhagen


Danish TV Show Recommendations

One of the main reasons I chose to study abroad in Denmark was to learn a new language. And thus far, my Danish skills are improving through the help of my roommate Patrick, my friends from the lab, and the Danish class I’m currently taking through DIS. Despite all the help from others, I know that I have to put individual effort into learning the language to get better. So I have incorporated Danish TV shows into my sparse free time. And let me tell you, it has improved my Danish!!

Climbing Towers (Part #1: Church of Our Savior)

I have a decent sense of direction, but the picturesque towers scattered throughout the city dramatically aid my ability to find where I am in Copenhagen. Since these towers are so important to my ability to know where I am in the city, as I randomly walk around or race on my bike to class, whenever I see them, I always wonder about what the view looks like from their highest point. You should know I’m intimidated by heights, and I often don’t necessarily want to go up too high. However, this trip is about pushing my limits and building my confidence, so I decided to push myself and tackle my nerves and climb the towers.

Short Study Tour : Aarhus

The week before last, my core course class, European Clinical Psychology, went to Jutland (Jylland). While there, we visited two cities, Aarhus and Skanderborg. In Aarhus, we visited sights in Aarhus pertaining to clinical psychology and talked with various types of therapists. That night we went to another town called Skanderborg and stayed in cabins. The area was gorgeous as there was a lake and plenty of trees. While there, we canoed, learned how to make danish bonfire bread (Snobrød), and taught our professors how to roast marshmallows!!

Error in Posting

So sorry everyone, there hasn’t been any update recently, not because I haven’t been writing but because I had an error with word press and they didn’t publish. So this week, you will be getting an abnormal amount of blog posts. I hope you enjoy them, and I apologize for not realizing the error earlier. P.S. Here is a silly picture of me the from the moment I realized all my post had not been published correcty.

Face of confusion then relization

Family Dinners

One of my favorite activities is cooking. And since coming here to Denmark, my love has only increased because I often cook and eat with my amazing roommates! This semester I’m living in a Kollegium in Amager with three other roommates. One of my roommates, with whom I share a room, is another DIS student named Lexi. My other two roommates are two guys who each have single rooms in the apartment. Their names are Fran and Patrick. As roommates, we often cook and eat together, as we have chosen to share groceries.

Classes and Research Assistantship

Me at NeuroMet Lab

One of the main reasons I chose to study abroad with DIS was their unique class topics and their research assistant opportunities. DIS has students choose a core course of study while abroad. The topics for this class are expansive and don’t have to pertain to one’s major. However, I choose one that does. I am in European Clinical Psychology. And thus far, this class was the perfect choice the topics covered are so interesting, and we often compare how mental disorders are handled in Denmark and the United States. It is fascinating to see the difference, especially as Europe uses more philosophy in its approach compared to the United States.

Weekend Escapades

Weekends in Denmark are wonderful. As the stress of the week seems to melt away and social events become more available. This weekend was the first entire weekend I have had in Copenhagen, and boy was it busy with crazy and wickedly fun events. I took a lot of risks and put myself out there, and it paid off. My weekend started off with meeting up with some people from the lab I am working at as a Research Assistant on Friday evening. The evening consisted of some bonding activities, such as playing some traditional danish games and getting shwarma.

Jet Lag, an Ironman and a Beautiful Garden, Oh My!

The first days in Copenhagen have been a blast! Although I am still suffering from some serious jetlag. This is why I am so grateful that thus far, the first half of our initial week in Copenhagen DIS has consisted of having fun activities and informational sessions. These laid-back activities allow me to acclimate to the time zone and explore the city either independently or with some of the other DIS students. Also, the introductory programs are so helpful as they are filled with helpful information geared to help us better integrate into the Danish lifestyle.

So the Adventure Begins

First View of Denmark

Hi, my name is Beka, I’m a neuroscience major at Lafayette College, and I’ve started a blog; what??? For most of you who don’t know me personally, you are probably a little confused about why starting a blog is so crazy. But normally, I’m a very private person. For instance, I just got a Facebook account, and I only got snap chat my freshman year of college. So you may be wondering then why Beka are you even writing a blog? Well, let me tell you. I will be spending my senior fall in Copenhagen (København), Denmark!

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